9 Must-Have Elements of a Perfect Landing Page

9 Must-have elements of a perfect landing page

In the digital marketing spectrum, the importance of an effective landing page has become crucial than ever. It’s extremely important to create that first impression which could help the visitors create a connection. But to establish an effective first impression can only be possible when you fully optimize the landing pages. And the task could become an uphill one if you’re new to the landscape. 

In this post, we’re going to discuss nine elements that would help you turn your prospects into leads by optimizing your landing pages.

1. Robust CTA

One of the first things you’d need to work on is the CTA (Call-To-Action). This is the element of a landing page that aims to initiate an action. Some of the widely used actions include free trial, a registration form, subscribe to a newsletter, asking for a callback etc. However, regardless of the action you plan to keep, it’s crucial that they appear with sales pitches and are related to the rest portion of your page.

2. Compelling headline

The headline of your landing page is the first thing which will get noticed by the visitors. So, you’d need to make them compelling enough to prevent visitors from navigating away immediately. It’ll also encourage them to stay on the pages for sufficient time and consider your offer. Regardless of the industry you’re into, the headline must deliver three key characteristics – clarity, empathy, and relevance. If you plan to have subheadlines, make sure they support and reinforce the claim you made in the primary ones.

3. Clean and clear text

The simpler you can make it for your visitors to digest the content of your landing pages, the more your chances for success will be. Make sure that the fonts are clearly readable and appear with standard line height and line spacing. Additionally, try to stay away from lengthy blocks of text content. Remember that content which gets straight to the point isn’t only more effective but looks better as well.

4. Optimized forms

The form of your landing page is the step that will determine whether the visitors will leave their personal information happily or not. The suggestions for building an effective form are quite similar to those of a good CTA. Make sure to use attractive colors and offer an interesting and clear value proposition. Some of the most effective strategies for creating great forms include using checkboxes and buttons, asking for the minimum only, fully responsive with a good mobile view, etc.

5. Great visual information

The use of visual information can greatly help you in delivering your overall message, along with short and sweet content. Visual elements may appear in different forms including chart, infographic, diagram, captioned photos etc. Just make sure that they are visually appealing and narrate a story, as opposed to plainly displaying information.

6. Trust indicators

When it comes to creating effective landing pages, the power of trust potentials can’t be overlooked. They help potential visitors to establish trust with your brand and thus to convert on the offer. These indicators can be of different types including customer testimonials, trust badges, statistical evidence, third-party seals, among others.

7. Different ways of contact

In order to display that your business is legit, your landing page should appear with multiple avenues of contact. Some of the widely used methods include a physical address, a phone number, a contact form, and an email address. Some even appear with popups through which your customer support executives can offer help for the visitors. This strategy can greatly help you in strengthening the visitors’ trust in your company.

8. A guarantee

Landing pages that appear with a guarantee can help your visitors feel reassured. While guarantees can appear in different forms, you should choose the one that matches the type of your business perfectly. Also, try to place your guarantee at a close position of your CTA. It’d help the prospective visitors get a final bit of assurance.

9. A/B testing

Performing AB testing can help you improve the conversion rate of the landing page. It’d let you compare two different versions of the same page. You can take the help of an A/B testing tool to build a variant of the landing page. Once you get two versions of the page, you can compare them to identify the version that performs better.

Final Words

Apart from these characteristics, it’s also important to keep all the elements on one page. If your visitors need to visit any other page to get the information, you’ll be more likely to lose them. Regardless of your objective for using a landing page, the above elements should be common in any effective one. You’d need to make sure that the landing page remains easy on the eyes while being user-friendly. And throughout the page, it should tell a visitor a story in the most engaging way and lead him/her to action.


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