Having emerged as website development’s latest frontier over the last couple of years, the mobile web is growing rapidly. As more and more users regularly access the Internet on smartphones and other smart devices, it becomes important to leverage mobile web design for creating a mobile-friendly website.

For most websites, a responsive web design is the best fit. However, when your web content and user goals are different on a mobile device, creating a separate mobile presence is the best solution. With our mobile web design services, you can now make a successful transition into having a mobile web presence.


Improved functionality

Compared to a regular screen, a mobile device has about 1/10th pixels. So, a site designed for website may not display well when opened on a mobile screen. That’s why your mobile site should have its own design. Typically, mobile web design uses simpler navigation and fewer graphics to save screen space and make download speeds faster. With better functionality, you can improve user experience, which would reflect positively on your brand image.

Improved SEO and search engine rankings

Mobile-friendly search engines like Google and Yahoo rank mobile sites favorably. Use of mobile web design will also let your site get placement in an increasing number of local and mobile directories.

Easier accessibility

With anytime, anywhere accessibility and portability, mobile web design gives you an unprecedented opportunity to connect with your target clientele, irrespective of whether they are sitting at home/office or on the move. This can bring a competitive edge to your business as you will be able to tap into this growing mobile customer base and stay connected to them.

Drive better engagement

Mobile-specific features of mobile web design approach such as mapping functions, click-to-call etc help immediate and better engagement with users. Local businesses in particular can benefit significantly via location-aware technology that helps user find your website and thus your physical store when they are in close proximity.


Our mobile web design services include:

  • Mobile-friendly page templates
  • Touch-friendly navigation and design
  • Mapping and geo-location
  • Mobile-specific features (such as click-to-call, mapping and SMS)
  • Device-detection and redirection (if applicable)
  • Integration with 3rd party functionality and applications
  • CMS integration and coding
  • Mobile SEO
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile analytics

With our mobile web design services, you can:

  • Widen your mobile reach to get more customers into the fold
  • Deliver a positive user experience
  • Improve your conversion rates
  • Drive better user engagement, and
  • Stay connected to your target clients almost 24X7

Hire us for mobile web design services today to have a website that’s user-friendly, appealing to your customers and 100% compatible with mobile devices.